the world feels so much smaller when you see life lessons repeat and are applicable in almost every aspect of one’s life

I miss you. And I wish you’d come back

Somehow, despite the years that have passed, there’s a song that can still kill you every time you hear it

The more I find out about Japanese culture, the more I love it. Watching a documentary I discovered the fight robots. But of course, Japanese wouldn’t simply fight robots only to have a winner or loser. No, they add elegance to it. They add costumes and stories to the robots fighting. Because the Japanese are not only innovators but they add style.

I don’t know if it’s due to being a science major or this was an inevitability of my character, but I’ve become obsessed with research. Perhaps it’s simply the zeitgeist of my time but I feel as though I’m living in a time when people are fervently seeking answers for a inexhaustible reserve of questions. People question everything: sex, religion, politics, mores, human behavior, white people problems, etc. You name it, someone has likely questioned what is, how it works, and why we do it. (I strongly feel the majority of questions these days begins with “why” which attests to our society’s progress.) Research is there to answer those questions. When people think research I think they imagine a scientist in a white lab coat standing in a much too well- lit sterilized lab thoughtfully examining a beaker with an anonymous green liquid under the light. Sure, that happens. I might have just slipped out of a white coat so this post could be less awkward for me, who knows. But research can take on so many other forms to answer even more questions. The more I survey different kinds of research I always marvel at the creativity of researchers in their respective fields. More so, I love seeing different kinds of research that seek to answer questions that never occurred to me. Maybe you’d think a person would feel inadequate knowing what feels like so little…but truthfully it makes me excited. It makes me realize that no matter how much I’ve learned through experiences, schooling, etc. there’s always more to learn. It makes the world seem…bigger. It makes me feel like life is a constant adventure that always keeps me on my toes. The moment I become comfortable with something (information, my view on life, what I’m doing with my life at the moment, etc. ) there’s always a new turn I wasn’t anticipating. It keeps life that much more challenging, things that much more interesting, and the game that much more fun.